Come On In ... 

I'm Jennifer Taormina. My clients call me their problem solver, their Jenny-of-all-trades, their business therapist, and of course, their Dear Jenny. 

I’m being who I needed years ago when young Jenny was running a booming six-figure service-based business I built from the ground up ... but didn’t have that yummy, settled-in-my-soul peace that I feel today.

I love the woman I am today. My business works because I deliver value. I want both of those things for you too.

Morning prayer and gratitude journaling, meditating, yoga, walks, cuddling with my dog, and my glow-inducing skincare routine!

daily rituals

Gardening, beach-ing, Zoom calling my amazing clients, The Container Store-ing, organizing, and Dear Jenny-ing!


Bullshit, clutter, short texts (mine are novellas!), pessimism, unnecessary ho-ha!


Straight talk, self-love, organized spaces, deep conversations, radical honesty, kindness


My clients experience victories like:

Actual confidence. No more impostor syndrome. No more cobbling together random next steps to see what sticks. No more wistful Instagram comparison scrolling-sessions. No more undercharging. 

Real profitability. Five-figure-yielding easy email campaign, anyone? Ready to organize your workflow so you can stop playing whack-a-mole and focus your energy on activities that drive profit?! (Whew, that was a mouth full, but I know you’re tracking with me!) 

My superpower is serving your business like it was my own - with my whole heart, big vision and my best strategy.

Feisty. Soulful. Texan. Entrepreneur 20 years. Love a good DIY. Built a multi-six figure service-based business from scratch. Obsessed with personal growth. Can organize in my sleep. Can’t bake to save my life. Silicon Valley startup founder (times two!) A whiz at making things beautiful – whether it’s my home, an elegant system or my Instagram graphics. Former business consultant to e-commerce and Fortune 500 Companies. Passionate beach walks advocate.

Here's me in a nutshell:

elevation worship


sweet potato fries 


the map to abundance


black coffee 


the hallmark channel



My Favorite Things

Decorating. I’m a HomeGoods girl! A refreshed room is just a few inexpensive pieces away.

my happy place!

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All my best ideas happen at the beach! It's my zone of serenity.

Organizing. Walking into The Container Store lights me up! I say: less clutter, more clarity, creativity and calm.

My Favorite Things

Bike rides. I feel like a kid again with the fresh air and the southernly coastal winds blowing through my hair. 

my guilty

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Cookies. Fridays are for indulgent, prettily decorated sugar cookies. 

White tees are my go-to clothing staple and part of my WFH uniform! There’s nothing like a good white tee that you can dress up or down.


“The title 'coach' is not serving considering all that you offer. You are a deep-diving business counselor who sincerely cares for your clients and invested in our success.”

so they say:

What value does your business promise to deliver? That’s your brand! Pinpoint your value, vibe and vision so you can grow your community and book more clients in a way that brings deep joy. 

Your Roadmap to Brand Clarity 

better than a
free latte!

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