Do your marketing efforts feel like shouting into a void? Are you spending more on ads than you’re getting back in sales? Do you struggle knowing what to say on social media, in ads or in emails?

Hiring me as a Marketing Strategy Consultant means adding a marketing-fluent member to your team. I’ll take this off of your plate and design a custom marketing plan with measurable results. 

Marketing Consulting

Fuel YOur Business. Get Results.

And then there is MARKETING. 

Being a small business owner comes with a unique set of challenges and constantly competing priorities—from creating truly valuable offerings to hiring and managing a team to providing exceptional customer service, running the daily operations and increasing sales. 

There are already people, both local and online, who would love to do business with you. The problem is: they need to "meet" your business, but your marketing isn't working. 

the problem:

Your branding and marketing are now working together, grabbing attention, building loyalty and delivering measurable and meaningful results.

I develop a tailored marketing strategy designed to engage your customers, meet your challenges, seize new growth opportunities and increase profits.

I get to know you, your business and your challenges. Understand your customer. Listen to your marketing goals. Analyze the data. Identify breakdowns.

and Finally...

then this...

First I do this...

That's Where I Come In

From consulting with small businesses to e-commerce companies generating between $200k to $50M, I've successfully overhauled marketing assets and developed and launched new campaigns generating five and six figures for my clients, largely through social media marketing and email marketing. 

New Product Idea + Email Marketing: $10,000 of sales in one week

New Marketing Strategy: 300,000 social media followers

Marketing Asset Redesign: 2,108% increase in WoW profits

Sales Campaign: $650,000 of revenue in 24 hours

Email Campaign: $30,000 in wellness appointments booked


I’ve Done This Before

Whether you’re launching a new product, starting a new business, upgrading your brand, serving clients in your zip code or building an online customer base, I’ll bring the branding and marketing expertise to get real results.

Next step? Schedule a 20-minute consultation and answer the questions on intake form so I get to know your business before we chat. 

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“Jennifer's contributions deliver quality results and exceeded my expectations.”

- Kurt B.